Windows ME Tips

To create a blank compressed folder, follow these steps:

1. Open the window and folder where you want the new compressed folder to be.

2. Choose File, New, Compressed Folder. Windows creates a new folder icon (a zipper indicates it's special zip-type-compression) with the temporary filename, New Compressed Folder.

3. Replace the temporary filename with your own filename; then press Enter.

You can also create a new compressed folder on the Windows desktop by right-clicking the desktop and then choosing New, Compressed Folder on the shortcut menu.

After creating a compressed folder, you can copy or move files and folders into it just as you would a regular file folder. As you copy or move files or folders, they are compressesed. You can then copy compressed folders to removable media like floppy diskettes and zip drives or attach them to email.

Using Microsoft Magnifier
To find the magnifier go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories. The Accessibility folder is the first option, Look for Magnifier. Magnifier creates a separate window with a magnified image of a portion of the screen. You can determine the degree of magnification that's right for you.

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