Windows 95 Tips

Making a Startup Disk:
Also know as a boot disk. Open the Control Panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel) and double-click Add/Remove Programs. Select the Startup Disk tab, then click the Create Disk button. When asked, place a blank disk in your floppy drive, click OK, and wait while Windows 95 makes the disk. (You may be prompted to place your Windows 95 CD-ROM in the drive.) Be sure to put the disk in a safe place.

Option for Closing Windows:
Notice the icon in the upper left corner of the window you're working in. To close the window double click the icon.

Drag and Drop to Open Files:
If you have a shortcut to a program on your desktop, you can open multiple files for that application. Select the files you want to open, then drag and drop them on top of the application icon. All in one motion, the program starts and then opens the files.

Taskbar on Top:
You can drag the Taskbar to either the left, right or top of your screen. Just click on any unoccupied part of the bar and drag. It will snap into place. You can move it whenever you like. Just a matter of personal preference.

Disable User Profiles:
If you don't have a Logon dialog box when you start Windows, you don't have them enabled. If you do have that Logon, are the only person using this Windows PC, here's how to disable the profiles feature: When you see the logon dialog box, click on Cancel. Click on Start, choose Settings + Control Panel. Double-click on Passwords. Click on the User Profiles tab. Choose All Users Of This PC Use The Same Preferences And Desktop. Click on OK. Restart Windows. You won't see the Logon dialog box anymore.

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