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June 2016 Links

How To Upgrade To Windows 10

Windows 10 Articles

May 2016 Links

What the 'Internet of things' really means

How the "Internet of Things" May Change the World

April 2015 Links

iPhone Basics

iPad Beginner Guide

Feb 2015 Links

How to manage Microsoft and user accounts in Windows 10

5 Tips for Managing Windows User Accounts Like a Pro


Jan 2015 Links


Free Windows Software


new Excel Easy link added Excel Tutorial

RedTape Chronicles by Bob Sullivan

FAQs About EHR (March 2012 meeting)
Windows 10
Windows 8
Looking for Help?
Windows 10: The Smart Person's Guide Top 10 Windows 8 Questions
Windows 8 Review
Ask Bob Rankin Public Libraries

Weather Forecasting

Davis Weather Products

Weather Display

Predicting Weather 

Complete Guide to Windows 10
Windows 7
EDU Choices
Desktop Video Guide to Windows 7
Windows 7 help
Windows 7 How to
Ask Leo
Health Care
Digital Video Editing Five Unique Features Beginners Guide Medical Records Privacy
Bleeping Computer  Electronic Medical Records
Ebay University Add YouTube video to websites Bleeping Computer
Software Sites
Verizon Workshops
Greener Choices
Upload video to YouTube
Computer Hope Act360 Media Verizon Support
Intro to Blogging
CyberTech Help FuntionX Tutorials Smartphone Tutorials 
Journal of Online Learning 7 Ways to get Help with Quicken Learn Email Google Guide Tablet Buying Guide
Go Payment Holiday Gift Guide
Acrobat Reader  
What You Need to Know About Data Backup
Digital Home DIY Learning Electric
Midyork Library System How to Choose a Backup Storage Device Digital Home Magazine MS Publisher Home How video game systems work
Cyber Security Sites
Doug's Tweaks and Tips OpensourceWindows Game system reviews
Picasa Help Cyber Security Tips Expert Answer Center Sourceforge
Practically Networked Search Security Kim Komando Technical Papers in Word Cam Tech Surveillance
Smart Computing
Spyware Warrior
Library Spot The Internet 4 Classrooms
Home Theater
Smart Computing Tech Support Stay Safe Online Malek Digital Camera Tips Tutorialized Home Theater FAQ
The Digital TV Conversion
Review Sites
Malek Tips
Word Tips
The Ebay Community Cnet Reviews Pandia WordPerfect Universe 
TV Converter Box Coupon
Consumer Research
Pandia Goalgetter
Windows Help Sites
WorPerfect Toolbox
Using Google
Articles of Interest
Technofile Paul Thurrott's Supersite Corel's WordPerfect Tips
What you should know TechRepublic Program compatability  
Wikis Explained

The DataWeb See Windows Vista  
Popular Science Who says safe computing is a pipe dream . . . What Is?Com Vista  


Digital Media
Your Digital Fingerprint Makes You Easy to Track Windows Vista Community History of Digital Print
Facebook privacy settings Digital Media FX Security or Spying Windows Vista Get Ready A Brief History of Digital News
iTune About AAC
A Guide to Facebook's Privacy Settings MIXXMAG   NYS Tax Dept  
What is Advanced Audio Coding
Informational Sites
Audio Books for Free Excel 2013 Answerbag Accuweather Braille Bug
Books Should be Free Excel Easy Ipads Adaware How Braille Began
Ability Magazine Geoff Lawrence Photography Tutorials & Tips Netbooks Government & Public Libraries Naval History and Heritage
Adaptive Computer Equipment Digital Photography School Free Magnifiers
How Surge Protectors Work Digital History Preservation

About Google Earth

Ability Hub Internet Public Library  
MS Access Introduction

Google Earth Blog

Coolest Gadgets Kodak Tips  


  Mail Merge  
Mobile Broadband
MidYork Sites by Subject

Verizon MIFI 2200 review

Sales Sites
Tech Tutorials  
WP Writer Mobile Broadband Tutorial Digital Home    

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