Yeah Write - a neat wordprocessor
by Bob Reilly

Want to write easily, hassle-free, without taking up multi-megabytes of space on your hard drive? How about Yeah Write— that we wrote about in the last issue of the Explorer— which only takes up 2 meg of space? How about a very reasonable price, $29 or less? How about a number of very nice features that make the program instantly useable and fun to work with?
Yeah Write allows you to choose from dozens of templates where much of your work need be nothing more than filling in the blanks.
The CD version loads so fast that you're instantly at work without a lot of thought or concern. It's great for the kids and a joy for many of us adults. I found it easy to use. It's easy to change the background color of the page so as to make it comfortable for senior eyes.
Computer Shopper named Yeah Write one of the top 100 computer products of 1997. While the hallmark of the program is simplicity, it also boasts a number of extra features. Yeah Write's honesty in advertising extends to listing on the box the features that it doesn't have, so there's no guesswork as to what you're getting. If you're looking for ease of use in a small but powerful program, try Yeah Write.

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February 2003