WebQuiz 2002

by Lisa Britt

WebQuiz 2002 by SmartLite Software is a program that allows the user to create quizzes and tests in HTML that can be posted to either the Internet or your hard drive and the answers are immediately available onscreen. It is a little over 4MBs in size and is very user friendly. You can add comments, pictures, links, formulas, symbols and equations to your questions. There are several templates to choose from or you can customize your own.

The installation proved to be uneventful. I put the CD in the CDROM drive and off we went. The installation process makes suggestions on how to answer the questions as it installs. I use Windows 2000 and the install suggested that I be logged in as the administrator before continuing but I was allowed to go on without doing that. The install also suggested backing up files in order to go back to the original state the computer was in before installing the program.

WebQuiz 2002 did install a shortcut on the desktop but I did not find it in the system tray or running at startup. Thank Goodness!!!

The process of creating a quiz was very user friendly. Quizzes/tests can be created in the following formats; multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blank, and true or false. When the program is opened a welcome screen comes up. Clicking on Next brings you to the screen for creating a new quiz or editing a previously created quiz. There is a list to pick previously created quizzes. I created a new one. The program guides you through the steps - Pick the quiz format - Add or edit the questions - Preview the quiz - Publish it to the Internet on your Webpage, Smartlite's Webpage or to the hard drive on your computer.

This brought up a Quiz style screen to enter information, choose options, messages, style, and evaluation. This is where you select the layout under the stye tab. There are ten options to choose from or you can customize and create your own, I picked the experience template. I didn't fill in much other information here, just the title of the quiz, the Web site and the club email address. There are more options to customize the quiz but I didn't use them at this point.

Next was add or edit questions. I needed to add questions as it was my first quiz. I chose the multiple choice quiz format for my first quiz. The options of add, edit, and delete came up, I chose add and typed in a question. You can also select the font type, and size at this point as well as equations, pictures, and links. Click on the answer tab to type in the correct answer. A score can be assigned to each question under the options tab, I left it on the default of one. An explanation of the answer can also be inserted.

At this point the quiz is written and you can preview it in your web browser. I checked mine and it looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. I took the quiz and answered some of the questions wrong to see what would happen. When you finish answering the quiz you have the option of correcting it or resetting the answers. I chose to have it corrected. The incorrect answers were noted and the correct answers for those questions were provided. The answer page pops up in a new window and you can either print it or close it when done reading it.

The next step is to publish the quiz. I elected to publish to my hard drive. This worked fine and the test worked the same as it would on the web. Check the club Web page as I plan to put a few quizes up on the tidbits page as soon as I come up with some better questions. The ones I have are pretty lame so if you have any computer related topics you'd like to test your skills at let me know.

WebQuiz 2002 is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and you get unlimited web-space to publish your quizzes at SmartLite's Website. The cost of the product is $49.95 and SmartLite is offering a free trial download at their Website. They also offer educational discounts to organizations.

I know you're probably thinking what am I going to do with a quiz/test creating program. I can think of lots of uses; hobbies, clubs, business, education, and trivia, to mention a few. This is a program that you can have some fun with and it's easy to learn and even easier to use. You don't have to post to the Web to have fun with it.

For more information contact Paolo Mugnaini at Better yet try the trial version and see for yourself.


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February 2003