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SoundPix Plus
By Lisa Britt

SoundPix Inc. has created a fun, easy to use product that makes your pictures come to life. This new technology embeds music, voice or sound effects into a JPEG file. Adding sound to photos is as simple as one, two, three, that’s all the steps it takes to create a talking picture. Instead of printing your last vacation pictures you can download or scan them to your computer, add audio which you can then send to family/friends, post to a Website, or burn them to CD.

The installation of SoundPix Plus was uneventful. I fired up the program and within minutes I was on my way to creating talking pictures.

Creating The Talking Picture:
Step 1 - Open the picture you want to add audio to. You can rotate, flip, crop, mirror, print, or resize the photo
Step 2 - Open up the sound file or record what you want to say
Step 3 – Save the file

You now have a talking picture. You can also add captions and hyperlinks as easily as the steps above. There is a convenient send email option in the file menu that opens your email program, attaches the picture and gives the recipient instructions and a link to obtain the SoundPix Browser Plugin FREE.

SoundPix is Kodak picture friendly and supports EXIF format. For more information on file formats check the Website or email them at the address below.

System Requirements:
Pentium PC or compatible
SoundPix compatible sound card, speakers and microphone

Operating Systems:
Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP

Internet Explorer 5.X or later. In order for recipients to view the picture the IE SoundPix plugin is needed and available for free download at SoundPix Inc.

The help section contains an easy to understand reference guide for all the menu options and an FAQ section. The FAQ section discusses other picture and sound file formats that are compatible with the products. It is a little thin but as development of this new technology evolves so will the help files. Speaking of help I must applaud them on their customer support. I emailed a question and received a response, from a human, not automated, a few hours later.

SoundPix currently works in a Windows environment with Internet Explorer 5.X or later. The company is working on supporting other operating platforms and a larger selection of JPEG applications.

The SoundPix Sampler is available as a free download at SoundPix Inc. . It is a fully functional 15 day trial version of SoundPix Plus with some additional limitations. Try it and if you like it you can upgrade by purchasing SoundPix Plus for $29.95. The product is easy to use and worth the investment. Remember the SoundPix browser plugin for Internet Explorer is also available for free. For more information check out their Website at or email .

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