What's New in Quicken 2001 Deluxe
by Maurice Ecung

For those of you currently using a variety of personal finance and accounting packages, Quicken 2001 is the next generation. I was previously using Quicken '95. The biggest improvement for me is cleaner and more intuitive entry screens. The fact the system remembers every payer or payor and type of transaction precludes retype entries over and over.

The following are a summary of improvements.

Ease-of-use improvements
Streamlined User Interface makes My Finances, Activity Centers, and Account Overview pages easier to use and more powerful.
Quicken Tool Bar combines Icon Bar and global action buttons into a single tool bar which personalizes Quicken and provides single-click access to your favorite features.
Improved Alerts are sorted by area and displayed in the appropriate Activity Center.
You can now delete alerts once you've read them.

Desktop/Web Integration's My Finances page provides anytime/anywhere access to your key
Quicken data and functionality. It recognizes that you're a Quicken user and shows you the information you've chosen to export from Quicken. Quicken features which work with My Finances include Portfolio View and Portfolio Export, Banking Synch, Reminders Export, Investments Alerts, and WebEntry.

Banking Features
Unfortunately my "bank," Americu, does not have the online features yet. This online feature will save me hours each month once it is introduced. Project integration this fall.

Missed Bill Reminder organizes and streamlines your bill-paying chores. The My Finances and the Banking Center show you a summary of your bills and allow you to take action. Missed Bill Reminder alerts you when bills are due in an account while you are working in the account register. Quicken also identifies recurring payments from your register and prompts you to set them up as bills in order to minimize data entry.
Smart Reconcile lets you easily recover if your register gets out of balance. If you've entered an inaccurate balance adjustment or changed a transaction that has already been cleared, Quicken helps you identify which statement is affected by the discrepancy so you can correct the error. Quicken now permanently stores statement information, allowing it to be much more intelligent about resolving reconcile anomalies.
Improved Compare-to-Register makes accepting transactions you've downloaded easier than ever. After you download transactions, Quicken will show you which accounts have new transactions by opening QuickTabs (designated with a lightning bolt) for their registers. These registers are set in Compare-to-Register mode so you can instantly begin accepting transactions.
Banking Synch and Reminders Export let you export your account balances, recent transactions, reminders, calendar notes, and upcoming bills to My Finances on so you can stay on top of your financial activities even when you're away from your Quicken PC.

Investment Features
Quicken's new Investing Center provides a "dashboard" that summarizes your portfolio, asset allocation, value, cost basis, and average rate of return over time.
401(k) Download allows you to download your 401(k) information from Prudential (and other financial institutions as they become available). Quicken will download your holdings, transactions, total balance, and vested balance.
Improved 401(k) Tracking now better handles employer matching and loans, and provides an enhanced integration of 401(k) information with Quicken's paycheck setup.
Improved Portfolio View provides enhanced customization with resizable column
widths, one-click views, and the ability to download key information from An improved watch list lets you compare the securities you own to ones you don't own, and to relevant stock market indices.
Improved Investment Alerts help you to stay on top of changes in the market. Now, you can set up your investment alerts in one place and view them on both Quicken and
Improved Asset Allocation features show you the expected return and risk of your current and target asset allocation.
Quicken 401(k) Advisor gives you specific recommendations based on the funds
in your company's plan and your personal situation and goals.
The Integrated Portfolio View across Quicken and gives you anytime/anywhere access to your investment information. The Quicken 2001 improved Portfolio Export feature adds the ability to see your stock holdings at the individual lot level.

Tax Features
The Improved Capital Gains Estimator handles both losses and gains, and is integrated with your Tax Planner data. Your tax rate is prefilled and you can run scenarios to determine when your gains/losses would move you into a different tax bracket.
The Improved Tax Planner has a new, easy-to-navigate user interface. It is updated with the latest tax data and now supports QuickZoom so that you can easily drill down for greater detail on individual line items.
Improved Transfer of Quicken Data to TurboTax includes a more flexible Taxlink, so you can preview exported Quicken data from within TurboTax and select the categories you want to import.

Integrated Services
Integrated Postage allows you to use electronic postage with Address Book on invoices, estimates, envelopes, and labels.
Integrated Online Backup allows you to easily recover in the event of hard drive failure.

Household Features
Improved Home Values Download helps you track the value of your home using ConsumerInfo's extensive online database. It gives you the sales data for similar homes in your area, including square footage. The online database covers approximately 60% of U.S. households.

Obviously this is an impressive array. However, the learning curve is steep. This is particularly true if you haven't used a previous version. I believe the end is worth the effort in this case.

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February 2003