GoBack - by Wild File
by George Purpura

I was given the opportunity to preview and evaluate GoBack by Wild File, V2.1. The copy I received expires in three months. Other than that qualifier, I had the complete program to check out. I filled in the registration and "key" number provided on the CD and chose the "Easy Install" option.
The installation went smoothly, after a reboot which continued the installation, another reboot, and a statement that the installation was completed successfully. A GoBack icon was placed on the taskbar and on the desktop.

When I double clicked on the icon on my desktop, three options were displayed.
1. Create a GoBack Drive showing another drive as it was in the past.
2. Recover an old revision of a file that was deleted or changed.
3. Revert an entire hard disk to the way it was in the past.

Beneath these three options there was also a box to check that stated "I would like assistance with this particular task". This activated the Assistance Wizard. Clicking on an option brings up "Disable GoBack" and a "GoBack History" on all hard drives. I chose Option 1 which then displayed a calendar, a clock, and a "GoBack Log". The Log is organized by time and shows various files and several safe points - indicators that this is a place to which you can safely revert - all with icons on the left.

Clicking on the GoBack menu, I then chose Option 2. Several files were displayed, permitting you to select one or more of them for recovery. Returning to the menu, I selected Option 3 which presented clock times. I could then indicate what period of time I wished to revert to. Assistance Wizards advised me to pick a drive, select a time to revert to, and click the revert button. GoBack will then reboot and complete the reversion process. GoBack created a virtual drive (for example Drive F). You can choose to have this virtual drive show up in My Computer or Explorer when you revert to it. You can either view it or permanently revert to it.

Summing up, using the program's wizards, GoBack was very easy to use. It does indeed go back to a time before a crash, a virus, or a user error simply by pressing buttons. The computer I used for this review is a:

Pentium 200 MMX
32 Meg RAM
2 hard drives (C & D) - 2 Gig each
24X CD (Drive E)
Windows95 ver 4.00.950B.

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February 2003