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By Donna Gorrell

The cool, crisp days of Autumn should warn us to make plans for the upcoming holidays. No, I do not want you to run to the store and buy your Christmas decorations and presents. However, it is not too early to be thinking of projects related to the holidays.

I make my Christmas cards–not with the computer, but hand drawing each one. This becomes an enormous job when started in the middle of December. I should be doing that instead of writing this column. If you intend to create cards on your computer using a photo or some such graphic, it still isn't too early to start. Better to have them done than wait until you are rushed. Right?

If you have a digital camera, so much the better. Snap away at your family, your pet, your house, whatever. Then decide what you can do with that photo to make a great personalized greeting card. Both Word and WordPerfect have templates for creating a greeting card, so you don't even need a specialized program.

If you are not sure of your photography skills, check out for hints, tips, and wonderful ideas. You do not need to own a Kodak camera to use the site and most of the offerings will work for any camera.

If you decide that it is time to buy a new camera, flat monitor, notebook, or printer or whatever, check out a deal that Guru Mary Tollerton told me about. Hewlett-Packard is offering a 10% discount on all online purchases over $100. Go to and view what they have to offer. If you decide to purchase at least one item over $100, continue to the checkout page and insert the following coupon code: SV5032. This coupon is good until 12/31/03.

As long as I have you in the holiday mood—think generosity—think unselfishly—think giving to others. OK, now that you want to give, what should you give and to whom? We have the answer! You can bring non-perishable food items and new toys to the November and December main meetings. Not only will someone less fortunate benefit from your gift, but you also will receive an extra chance to become a winner of a door prize. You will receive a door prize ticket for food and one for toys, which added to your normal free ticket could give you up to three chances to win. Dave Askew will again coordinate this annual program.

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