Byting Remarks

By Jerry Finkelstein

Everybody loves a mystery. Well, Have I got a mystery for you! The story is a bit odd. Even strange. One of our Club's gurus thinks it's weird. But it is a true story. Here it is. Maybe you can get to the bottom of this.

I like to make compilations of music. I don't download the music from Kazaa Lite or anywhere else on the Net. I own a large collection of CDs and enjoy listening to the music my way. So, I burn lots of tracks from various CDs to one CD. A Tango collection. A compilation of music from Brazil. You get
the idea.

I am compiling a very select collection of songs introduced by Fred Astaire (don't ask, it's a Jerry thing). There are 21 songs sung by ten different jazz singers. The tracks are taken from fourteen different CDs. I make my playlist. I'm careful with my notes. I mark off the songs, the tracks and the CD as I burn. I move the CDs from one pile to another. There are no other CDs on the desk or anywhere near the PC. I finalize the CD when it is "successfully" completed. Good. Great. I want to celebrate.

The mystery. I listen to the completed CD. I'm bewildered. Some Italian guy is singing an Italian song in Italian on track six. This is a song that is nowhere on any of the 14 CDs from which I'm burning. From where? From what did this song come? I check. The original CD does play that Italian track
when played on the PC even though it is not on the CD. I don't have that Italian track on my hard drive. The original CD does play as it should on all of my other CD players. Gremlins? Should I report this to our local UFO organization? Mars is indeed very close tonight. One of our PC gurus told me I should move out of the house.

I stumped the gurus. Maybe you have a solution. If you have any ideas about this strange case of the Italian singer please email me, like real soon. I'm not one to believe in the Twilight Zone. But something weird is going on.


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